Ceramic Sand Bead

Ceramic Sand Bead (FZ) Properties of FZ Specific Density:3.85g/cm3 Bulk Density:2.3gc/3 V-hardness: 700HV1 Rockwell hardness:60HRC Chemical Composition: ZrO2:60-70%  SiO2:28-33%     Standard Grades FB20:0.600-0.850mm           FB30:0.425-0-600mm          FB40:0.250-0.425mm FB60:0.125-0.250mm           FB80:0.180-0.250mm       F B100:0.125-0-180mm FB120:0.063-0.125mm       FB125:0.000-0.125mm       FB170:0.045-0.090mm FB205:0.000-0.063mm       FB400:0.030-0.063mm       FB505:0.000-0.040mm Other size range can reach according the customer’s design. Application: Blasting, shot peening, and Surface treatment of metal part in 3C, Hardware, Machine industry.