Factory Supply 1015 High Carbon Ball - Full silicon nitride ceramic bearing – Sanxin Hi-Tech Ceramics

Full silicon nitride ceramic bearing (FNB) Definition: Full silicon nitride ceramic bearing is a bearing which inner ring, outer ring and rolling element are all made of silicon nitride ceramics. Precision: P0~P5 Size range: minimum inner diameter 3mm, maximum outer diameter 200mm Model: We provide different models, including all kinds of metric and imperial deep groove ball bearings,self-aligning ball bearings, angular contact bearings, surface bearings, insert bearings. And we also provide open ,seal ring, dust cover structure. According to the working condition of customers, we can design and manufacture non-standard bearings. Holder: NYLON, PTFE, PEEK, stainless steal, copper or crowded ball Advantages: Ceramic bearing advantage compared with steel bearing 1 using in higher temperature: Ceramic materials can keep its mechanical properties steadily at high temperature. Full silicon nitride ceramic bearing can be used in 1050℃. 2 it is acid, alkali, hydrochloric acid proof, so that it can be used in chemical corrosion situations. And the service life is 10 times longer than steel bearings. 3 better performance under different temperatures: because the dilatation coefficient is smaller than steel, so it can be used in wider temperature fluctuation range. 4 Better anti-seizure antilocking ability: because the dilatation coefficient is smaller than steel, this helps to reduce the thermal deformation to have better anti-seizure ability. 5 Can work without oil: ceramic has self-lubricating property, also it can lubricate by using medium, so it can be used in high vacuum and poor lubricative situations. 6 Electric insulation: our ceramic products are non-conducting, non-static, will not have the current burning as steel bearings. 7 can work under magnetic environment: ceramics is nonmagnetic, magnetic foreign bodies or abrasive particles are not easy to stick in channel, it will reduce abrasive wear. Application area: Extremely severe environment and special working conditions, such as: chemical engineering, fluid industry, smelt, foodstuff, electron, semiconductor, medical treatment, vacuum, diamagnet,et.