Fixed Competitive Price Hot Rolling Forged Grinding Media - High Purity Alumina Bead – Sanxin Hi-Tech Ceramics

High Purity Alumina Bead (SXHAB) .Advantage .High Hardness, Over 1800HV10,High Machine Strength . High compactness, Fine Microcrystal, Lower Wear Loss . Chemical Stability, Good corrosion resistance .High Purity 99.9% Alumina content. No more other metal content except Al2O3.Suit for grinding high purity materials . High thermal conductivity   Application: -Dielectric, piezoelectric, magnetic substance materials -Rare earth phosphor material -Lithium battery electrode material -CMP Polishing powder -High grade pigment and ink - Medicine, pesticide, antibiotic material and food -High performance ceramic materials Properties
Item Unit Data
Purity   99.9%Al2O3
Density HV Hardness g/cm3 GPa 3.9 17.2
Flexural Strength Kgf/m²(Room tempreture) 60
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1/℃ 8*10-6
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 37
Volume Resistivity >106