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Middle Alumina Grinding Balls

(SXAM Series)

Applications: SXAM middle alumina grinding ball, produced from high grade bauxite and alumina raw material, exhibit high wear resistance with fine crystal structure. It have excellent grinding efficient and significant cost which cut down the power consumption, labor and facility cost. SXAL series grinding ball have longer service life 20-40times than command ceramic ball and nature stone ball. The composite cost is only 40-60% nature stone ball. It’s mainly used in grinding body and glaze of  ceramic tile, sanitary ware and ceramic table ware etc. SXAL Properties:


Density (g/cm3)

Al2O3 content  (%)

Equivalent abrasion (g/kg.h)

Water absorption (%)

V-Hardness (HV10)









Size: Ø3mm-Ø60mm Allowable requests for different sizes. Product Features: 1.The balls have good wear-resistance and lower generates costs. 2.The price/performance ratio is good. 3.The balls have excellent grinding efficiency. 4.Smooth surface,good sphericity.