The difference between full ceramic bearings and hybrid ceramic bearings-Ceramic academic articles

Ceramic bearings have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic electrical insulation, oil-free self-lubrication, high speed and so on. It can be used in extremely harsh environments and special working conditions. It can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, nautical, petroleum, chemical, automotive, electronic equipment, metallurgy, electric power, textile, pumps, medical equipment, scientific research, national defense and military fields. High-tech products using new materials. Bearings are products with large production and wide application in the machinery industry, among which ceramic ball bearings account for the largest proportion.
Ceramic ball bearings can be divided into two types: hybrid ceramic ball bearings and full ceramic ball bearings. Among them, the hybrid ceramic ball bearing means that only the rolling element parts of the bearing are made of ceramic materials, and the full ceramic bearing means that the inner and outer rings and rolling elements of the bearing are all made of ceramic materials.
Hybrid ceramic ball bearings can be divided into three types: the first type uses ceramic materials for the ball, while the rest still use metal materials; the second type uses ceramics for the ball and inner ring, while the outer ring uses metal materials; and the third type The ball and outer ring are made of ceramics, and the inner ring is made of metal. Using engineering ceramics as bearing materials has good mechanical and thermal properties, that is, it has sufficient strength, stiffness, hardness, fracture toughness, compressive impact force, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and small specific gravity. It is better than metal materials. Performance. The ceramic materials suitable for bearings are mainly silicon nitride (si3N4), zirconium oxide (ZrOe), and alumina. Among these three ceramic materials, silicon nitride has excellent comprehensive performance and has become the first choice for ceramic bearings.
Hybrid ceramic bearings
Hybrid ceramic bearings have been used in the spindles of high-speed machine tools, and have entered the practical stage, ultra-precision lathes, etc., the spindle speed is 16 000 r / min, etc. In addition, hybrid ceramic bearings are also used in electric spindles, eddy current molecular pumps In high-speed equipment.
Hybrid ceramic balls, especially silicon nitride balls, have the characteristics of low density, high hardness, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, self-lubrication and good rigidity. They are especially suitable for high-speed, high-precision and long-life hybrid ceramic ball bearings ( The inner and outer rings are metal). Generally, the inner and outer rings are made of bearing steel (GCr15) or stainless steel (AISI440C), and ceramic balls can be made of ZrO2, Si3N4, or SiC.
Full ceramic bearings:
Zirconia full ceramic bearings
All-ceramic bearings have the characteristics of anti-magnetic electrical insulation, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, oil-free self-lubrication, high temperature resistance and high cold resistance. The ferrule and rolling element are made of zirconia (ZrO2) ceramic material. The retainer uses polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as the standard configuration. Generally, glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (RPA66-25) and special engineering plastics (PEEK PI), stainless steel (AISISUS316), brass (Cu), etc.
Silicon nitride full ceramic bearings
Silicon nitride all-ceramic bearing rings and rolling elements are made of silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic materials. Generally, RPA66-25, PEEK, PI, and phenolic cloth bakelite pipes can be used. Compared with the ZrO2 material made of SiN4 full ceramic bearings, it is suitable for higher speeds and load capacities, as well as higher ambient temperatures. At the same time, it can provide precision ceramic bearings for high-speed, high-precision and high-rigidity spindles, with the highest manufacturing accuracy reaching P4 to UP.
Fully loaded full ceramic bearings
Full-filled ball-type full ceramic bearings have a ball gap on one side. Because of the cage-free design, more ceramic balls can be loaded than the standard structure of the bearing, thereby increasing its load capacity and avoiding the limitation of cage materials , Can achieve the effect of corrosion resistance and temperature resistance of ceramic cage type full ceramic bearings. This series of bearings is not suitable for higher speeds. When installing, pay attention to install the notched surface on the end that does not bear axial load.

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