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Kaolin Bead (SXKL) Scope of application: the superfine heavy calcium carbonate, calcined kaolin, such as soft non-metallic mineral powder used in the superfine grinding the most popular a kind of grinding media.The ceramic beads with high cost performance, for a variety of ultrafine grinding enterprise's first choice, also suitable for water-borne paint ink coating materials, etc.
 Chemical Composition:  Al2O3>45% ,SiO2>30%  MgO+Other
 Real Density:  2.65g/cm3
 Bulk Density:  1.75g/cm3
 Hardness(Mohs):  7.5
 Whiteness:  >90
 Water Absorption:  <0.03%
 Sizes Available:  From 0.6mm to 12mm