Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Tile

Sintered Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Tile for Body Armor We produces lightweight technical ceramic tiles using tight-tolerance manufacturing standards Our products has excellent protective armor performance, and protection level meet NIJ 4 Standard-0101.04. We now are able to supply various types customized for applications and threat levels. So our products are very popular with the customers from all of the world.  We offers advanced ceramic armor tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes, Such as Rectangle, Hexagon, Cylinders, and so on. or we can produce ceramic tiles according to your requirements and drawings, and our designer can select custom shapes, thicknesses, and configurations to optimize your armor system design.   Key Features: -Ideal Armor Material in lightweight and performance cost efficient compare with Boron Carbide and Alumina -Lower weight with higher performance efficient. -It is manufactured by pressure less sintering. or Reaction-Bonding  Applications: - Body Armor Plates -High-Tech Vehicle Armor Protection and Watercraft defense.  Quality assurance: All of SEALMANN armor ceramics used in finished armor products are tested and proven ballistic performance for National Institute of Justice (N.I..J) and European design standards.   Dimensions: - Various shapes and qualities customized for applications and threat level

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