Silicon nitride ceramic bulletproof tablets

Silicon nitride ceramic bulletproof tablets Bulletproof tablets are made of super hard silicon nitride materials with same color and size, having moderate density and high bulletproof ability. All kinds of bulletproof tablet meet the NIJ, European, Chinese standards, pass the test of authorities. Our ceramic bulletproof tablets have the following characteristics: good performance, light, big protective area,less striking distance, effectively prevent bullet penetration. Meanwhile,it can avoid or significantly reduce the penetrated damage to human body. ceramic bulletproof tablets can be made into protective armor for cars and planes to deliver better performance, especially against APHE has a better effect. Properties Compare with Si3N4 Ceramics and SiC Ceramics:
Item Unit Si3N4 SiC
Density g/cm3 3.23 3.1
Porosity % 0 0
Color / Black Black
Flexural Strength MPa 720 550
Elastic Modulus Gpa 300 410
Poisson’s Ratio / 0.26 0.14
Compressive Strength MPa 2300 3900
Fracture Toughness KIC Mpa.m1/2 6.2 4.6
Max. Using Temperature (unload) 1050 1650
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10-6/℃ 3.2 4.0
Thermal Conductivity W/m.K 25 120
Volume Resistivity Ω.mm2/m >1013 102-106

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