Zirconia beads

Zirconia beads implement the domestic industry standard system, using 3mol% yttrium oxide as stabilizer, with high purity, high strength, high density, strong acid and alkali resistance, low wear, and minimal wear on the equipment and other characteristics.It is especially suitable for the dispersal and grinding of battery raw material, silicon powder, electronic paste, ceramic powder, magnetic material, pesticide, medicine and food by sander.   Zirconia bead classification   There are many types of zirconia beads, but the only ones that are really suitable for grinding machines are yttrium stabilized zirconia beads, cerium stabilized zirconia beads, 80 zirconia beads, and zirconium silicate beads.   (1) Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Bead Due to the zirconia content of this kind of zirconia bead approximately 95%, so it is often called "95 zirconia" or "pure zirconia bead".The use of rare earth yttrium oxide as stabilizer, the use of high whiteness, high fineness of raw materials to ensure that no pollution of materials.This kind of zirconium bead is suitable for use in sand mill.   (2), Cerium Stabilized Zirconia Bead Due to the zirconia content of this kind of zirconia bead approximately 80%, the Cerium Stabilized Zirconia bead is one of the higher density among all the zirconia series of zirconia bead. In addition to the characteristics of this kind of zirconia bead, it is especially suitable for polishing.   (3), 80 zirconium bead 80 zirconium bead zirconia content approximately 80%, so it is often called "80 zirconium".It has a better grinding characteristics, so that it has a high cost performance.It has been widely used in all walks of life.   (4), zirconium silicate bead zirconium silicate bead zirconium oxide content approximately 65%, so it is often called "65 zirconium".Zirconium silicate bead is made by the advanced technology of titration forming in electrolyte and high temperature baking phase. There are no pores and cavities inside the bead.Medium density and hardness are suitable for medium and low viscosity paste grinding.   Proper use of zirconia bead   After we choose the zirconia bead, how to use it correctly, avoid the breaking of the zirconia bead, and try to extend the life of the grinding medium and the contact parts of the sander.   (1) Try to avoid opening the grinding machine in dry state, which will cause unnecessary loss of beads and accessories.   (2) Do not mix different brands or types of beads.   (3) Try to avoid mixing beads of different sizes.   (4) Zirconium bead is a kind of consumable product. In order to protect the equipment and ensure a good grinding efficiency, it is necessary to check the sander regularly and screen and add the zirconium bead regularly.

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