Zirconium compound bead

Key words: composite zirconium bead   Composite zirconia bead is made of alumina and zirconia after rolling forming and calcined at high temperature. The composition of zirconia in the composite zirconia bead increases the toughness of the composite zirconia bead, and the spherical surface is smooth, so the abrasion is lower than that of the alumina ball, and the wear of the grinding machine is small, and the power consumption is also reduced.Composite zirconium bead is suitable for grinding materials with high hardness. Zirconium compound bead A, abrasive characteristics   Compared with the alumina ball, the composite zirconia bead is a composite form of zirconia and alumina. The composition of zirconia makes the composite zirconia bead more ductile and has a tighter structure than the alumina ball.Composite zirconium bead with uniform inside and outside, high sphericity, low wear.   Two kinds of composite zirconium bead parameters   1, composite zirconium bead parameters   Density: acuity 5.2 g/cm3   Bulk density: ≥3.1g/cm3   Chemical composition: ZrO2-75%, Al2O3-20%, other 5%   Compressive strength: ≥2000 (Ø2mm)   Vickers hardness: ≥1200   2, compound zirconium bead B parameters   Density: acuity 4.2 g/cm3   Bulk density: ≥2.4g/cm3   Chemical composition: ZrO2-80%, Al2O3-15%, other 5%   Compressive strength: ≥1100 (Ø2mm)   Vickers hardness: ≥1100   Particle size distribution of composite zirconium bead   0.4-5mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm   Among them, 15mm is suitable for large particle size materials, which belongs to rough grinding.   Application field of composite zirconium bead   1. Lead ore, zinc ore, platinum ore, copper ore and other metal ore materials.   2. Paint, ink, pesticide.   3, zirconium silicate ore, kaolin ore, quartz powder and other non-metallic ore.       Ball mill suitable for compound zirconium bead   Suitable for disk and bar - pin sanding machines.